Transformation…Are you ready?


Hello world and what a way to begin a fabulous day – awoke to a beautiful sunrise view from Key West this morning.  While enjoying this live performance of dancing colors (kindly provided by Mother Nature), I found myself thinking of the array of hues from last night’s sunset with their differences and similarities.  These thoughts then transformed into how the “feel” in the Duval Street area transitioned from the hustle-bustle “night life gala” to peaceful morning serenity as the shop owners began to arrive to open their businesses, taking brooms in hand for sweeping sidewalks as they smile and nod while the aroma of coffee and sweets from a nearby bakery mingle and tantalize my senses.  As I absorb my surroundings, I become aware that I’m smiling – you know, that ear-to-ear kind of smiling.

So, you might be thinking to yourself at this time “what does this have to do with transformation?” and “what are you supposed to be ready for?”  If you will allow me to share.  Recently, I underwent a significant transformation.  My life was out of balance…again.  Oh, this has happened before and I’m good with change.  As a matter of fact, I excel in adapting to change and I have even learned to embrace it!

This time though, I just wasn’t expecting it, but then the process began.  It happened gradually and slowly over time with a change here, a tweak there, another rule here, more disappointment there; you get the picture.  Eventually, these changes that were taking place in one area of my life where affecting other areas of my life.  I was finding it difficult to find a balance in my life regarding family, friends, career, and my advocacy work.  My stress level increased.  I became lacking in my usual sunny disposition.  I was getting frustrated and knew I needed a plan…a plan for change.

As my anxiety mounted, my obsession to find a way to make a transformation continued.  Fact is as time goes by, things change…period.  It’s inevitable.  I know it.  You know it.  Are you asking now what I did?  I hope so because I am excited to share!

Once I focused on the cause of the problem I was experiencing, I realized that I had basically “outgrown” that area in my life, at which point it became readily apparent that it was time for me to step up and say goodbye.  Say goodbye to what had become toxic in my life and was draining away my happy.  How did I know what to do?  Simply stated…coaching.  It was time once again to reassess my strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and goals.  After a thorough evaluation, a strategy was developed and a plan successfully implemented, which brings me right back to that ear-to-ear smile brought on by reality that my life is back in balance again…a successful transformation…and yet an ongoing transformation as I enthusiastically tackle my next project and continue toward my goals!  Do you need a change?  Is it time for a transformation?  Let me know.  I would love to assist you on your journey so that you too may one day be sitting in one of your favorite “happy” places wearing that ear-to-ear smile!  Go ahead – you know you want to – close your eyes and paint your own seascape!  Until next time, please enjoy the view!

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