How Busy Are You Really?

How Busy Are You Really?

How busy are you really? Is it getting you anywhere? Are you busy occupying your time with life the way it has fallen into place for you? Or, are you occupying time with life the way you want to be living it? If you answered yes to the last question, congratulations and wishes for continued success in pursuing and living your dream!

For those of you pondering the first 3 questions, please allow me the opportunity to share a short story with you about a client who thought she did not have “time” to make changes in her busy life in order to focus on the life she secretly yearned for. She had no idea how to transition her yearning desire into something better, something more than a dream! As I listened, I was able to identify her pain – the pain of feeling “stuck” with no hope for improvement in her quality of life. With her permission, I asked her some questions and provided her with a “homework” assignment (yes, my clients get assigned homework). I wanted to know how “busy” she really was, and, more importantly, I wanted her to write it down so she could really identify with what may or may not have been holding her back. I ask you to make a similar list by making a list of the activities you do throughout the day and how much time you spend doing that activity. Now, on a scale of 1-5 with one being “nah – not so much” and 5 being “love doing this,” rate each activity. Still with me? Great! Are you surprised with what you have written? Look carefully and see if there is anything on the list you can omit, and I would definitely recommend beginning at the activities scored as a “1” on your list. How much time have you just saved or, as I like to say, given back to yourself?

My client’s answer (as she admittedly felt ashamed to share and I gently reminded her of my “no judgment policy”) totaled 2 hours per day – 2 hours per day Monday through Friday and 3-4 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday. She realized that she did indeed have time to take action and change some of her behaviors, patterns, and mindset to squelch that yearning and actually begin living it! This one assignment led her to take a deep personal look inside herself as she really thought about where her activities were on her “1-5 scale.” She realized that she was spending over an hour a day on FB, mostly reading what others were up to and liking things but not really participating in the conversation. She ended up rating this as a “1” on her list and reduced her total time spent on FB by setting a schedule to check in and setting a timer to keep her on course for the destiny she so desired. She was ready to take action! Another realization was discovering how much she watched television and that only half of what she watched did she find to be truly entertaining. As she continued to analyze her list, another time-saving technique came to mind when she came to realize also how much time she spent running errands and how list-making helped her organizational skills as well as freed up more time for her to be able to devote to her life-changing transitional progress.

If you could only imagine my amazement when, during our last conversation, she shared with me that she had completed the next 2 “homework assignments” ahead of schedule and she could feel the change in her mindset each day when she awoke with more energy, more enthusiasm, and more determination to take action to see her dream to fruition. This makes me do a happy dance in my heart! This is why I do what I do – the happy dance in my heart when I know I have helped someone not only improve their quality of life and changing limiting beliefs and negative-mindset behaviors but also to help build their confidence, determination, motivation, inspiration, and skill set necessary to make their dreams become a reality.

So, I ask you now, how busy are you really? Do you have what it takes to step up and invest in yourself? And, when I say invest, I mean investment not only into your education and knowledge base, but the required investment of your commitment to be a better you, the required investment of time needed to devote to taking action to bring your dream closer to your reality, the required motivation to really want to solve what could be a “pain” in your life.

Okay, I’m going to wrap things up today with one last question, which is: “Are you too busy making a living that you forget to make a life?” If your answer is yes, let us connect with a free 30-minute consultation on how you can begin to squelch your yearning desire and begin the road to your destiny!

Thank you again for stopping by and please always remember that you have greatness within you!  Start discovering and unleashing the mindsets and behaviors that hold you back.  I believe in you!

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