Directed Faith Makes Every Thought Crackle With Power

Karen Rands, Compassionate Capitalist

Are you living your dream or working towards it?

If you missed the show last week, you can listen at your own convenience. Thank you Karen Rands, host of Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, for the invitation to speak and a great show!

Karen wrote:

“Are you struggling with focusing to achieve your dreams?  Do you have false beliefs about yourself that is holding you back from success?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, I invite you to listen to the show at when Karen Rands, as host of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, will continue the Think & Grow Rich podcast series focusing on Faith.  Napolean Hill in his epic book, Think & Grow Rich, describes Step 2 in the journey to achieve success, wealth and personal greatness as Faith.  “Directed Faith makes every thought crackle with Power.  You can rise to limitless heights, impelled by the lifting force of your mighty new self-confidence.”  To explore this topic, Karen will be joined by Faith Reagan.  Faith is a certified life coach focused on results.  Her mission is to help men and women who strive to set and achieve their personal, financial and business goals release those things that hold them back, steal their confidence, and inhibit their ability to move forward.  Faith helps them gain Faith that they can achieve their goals.  Sometimes a person may not believe they are worthy of the success they are trying to achieve.  They focus on the negatives in their lives rather than the positive.  It is in the repetition of that negative story replayed in their self-talk of failure or “bad luck” that leads them to repeat and fail to achieve their desired goals.  Similarly, Napolean Hill determined over 75 years ago by examining the lives of the incredibly successful people of his time, Faith is a state of mind that can be induced or created simply by affirmation.  Every person has the power within themselves to change that if they take the 5 simple steps discussed in this segment.  Tune into hear more about how to create Faith and Belief in your success and potential to achieve your goals.”

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